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Study branches

The Faculty currently offers study in BSc. courses, MSc. courses, and PhD study.
The undergraduate form of study is organized at two levels: Bachelor-of-Science and Master-of-Science programmes.
The first level BSc. course for all students lasts three years, and is run in two branches: Chemical Technology and Food Biochemistry. This first level of the study ends by a state examination and a project granting the student the title Bachelor of Science (BSc). The nominal span of the study in the BSc. course is 3 years. The second level MSc. course is run in 9 majors with several possible specializations over two years. The MSc. course ends by a state examination and by defending a diploma thesis. The graduate obtains the title Master of Science (MSc.). In addition to the natural-science basis, students of all branches study basic engineering subjects, e.g. Chemical Engineering, Processes Control, Basics of Chemical and Food Processing Technology, as well as subjects on Economy, Law and Ecology.

The Faculty offers:
Bachelor's study in the fields:
Chemical technology
Food biochemistry
Duration of study: 3 years

Master's study in the fields:
Organic Technology and Technology of Petrochemistry
(fuels technology and petrochemistry, organic technology)

Inorganic technology and materials
(ceramics, glass and cement, inorganic technology)

(technology of fibres and textile chemistry, plastic materials and rubber, technology of wood and paper, graphic art technology and photochemistry)

Chemical Engineering and Control of Processes
(chemical engineering, process control, safety engineering)

Food Processing Technology
(chemistry and technology of saccharides and cereals, technology of meat and food preservation, chemistry and technology of milk, fat and cosmetics, nutrition and food hygiene)

Biochemistry and Biotechnology
(biomedicine engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology)

Chemistry and Technology of Environment

Management of Chemical and Food Plants Chemistry
(analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry)

Duration of study: 3 (BSc.) + 2 years

Information for foreign students
Condition for bachelor (master) study

1. The secondary school (bachelor) study have to be closed and the applicant is obliged to submit the valid Certificate of Education.
2. The applicant has to pass through examination interview
3. The study in our faculty is not free of charge. All of foreign applicants have to pay 6000 USD per academic year.
4. The courses are realized in Slovak language. The part of students can be educated in English, but the minimum number of participants for each course is 5. Individual study plane confirmed by dean or vice-dean is another possibility.

For the detailed information (application form, etc.) don't hesitate and contact:

Assoc.Prof. Ján Šajbidor, PhD.DSc.
vice dean
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Slovak University of Technology
Radlinského 9
812 38 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

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