Presently, the pedagogical process at the Department of Analytical Chemistry is performed by 2 professors, 8 associated professors, 4 assistant professors, 5 scientific-research workers and 9 PhD students.

Department of Analytical chemistry offers two stage graduate study:
• Bachelor study (3 years) is finished with the state exam.
• Graduate study (additional 2 years) is the continuation of bachelor study to accomplish the whole career at the university.

The best graduates may proceed with 4-years lasting internal form of PhD study.

Those students who already in the first years of their study at the FCHFT STU are interested to participate in the work at the Department of Analytical Chemistry have an opportunity to:
- choose from a wide variety of Bc. Projects
- participate in the research teams in the chosen laboratory in the framework of the Student Scientific and Professional Activities (ŠVOČ - Študentská vedecká odborná činnosť).