Synthesis of enantiomerically pure, conformationally restricted derivatives of homophenylalanine and of its heteroanalogs by crystallization-induced asymmetric transformation (CIAT) coupled with the aza-Michael addition (A) and electrophilic lactonization (C). Study of simultaneous CIAT taking place at two stereogenic centers (B). Utilization of such asymmetric transformation in the synthesis of natural polysubstituted amino acids and their derivatives. Stereoselective  transformations of the prepared g-oxosubstituted a-aminocarboxylic acids.



CIAT is promising technique for the control of stereochemistry on the chiraly labile stereogenic centers. The principal requirement for this type of asymmetric transformation is that one of the isomers must be crystalline at a convenient temperature and mustn't form a solid solutions or quasi-racemates.

Because racemization and crystallization take place simultaneously, the relative rates between crystal growth and racemization are likely to be important. However, for the industrial applications mainly it is more convenient when the racemization (epimerization) takes faster than the crystallization. When both these conditions are fulfilled the desired enantiomer (diastereoisomer) can be isolated from the starting mixture by simple filtration and the yields reach theoretical    100 % regardless the equilibrium in the solution.[31]

Our research interests are devoted to the systematic study of CIAT applications for last several years. We have discovered and optimized several CIAT processes in tandem with aza-Michael addition of chiral N-nucleophiles[21,25] or with the addition of achiral amines to the chiral unsaturated substrates precursors[26], and also the CIAT mechanism of the stereoconvergent lactonization of g-hydroxy-g-aryl-a-aminocarboxylic acids.[30] We have achieved optimization of CIAT procedure with simultaneous formation of two new stereogenic centers.[29] We also developed the synthetically useful pathway leading to the substituted homophenylalanine derivatives via easy accessible diastereoisomeric salt formation.[23]




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