Department Profile

Department of Graphic Arts Technology and Applied Photochemistry provides university level courses on Graphic Arts Technology as the only one in Slovakia. Study module Graphic Arts Technology and Photochemistry is a part of the study option Polymer Materials. Structure and content of the courses reflect development of printing technologies and materials as well as new trends emerge in printing and publishing. Graduates have open carrier as production, marketing, quality and technical managers in printing industry, small printing houses and repro-centers, packaging and cartographic printing houses, publishing houses, advertising agencies, DTP labs, in research and development teams. A lot of them develop their private busyness. Department organizes various specialized industrial courses (Basics of Graphic Arts Technology) and provides additional services in the area of technical information, research and development, expertise, translation of technical texts and printing services in the printing laboratory. Research of the Department is oriented to the study of properties of multilayered systems printing ink - printed substrate, study and characterization of multicolor image structure by optical methods and image analysis and study of relationship between properties of printing materials and quantitative and qualitative characteristics of ink transfer onto printed substrate.

University level study of graphic arts technology was founded on the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in the year 1974 as the response to the call of the printing industry. Section of Graphic Arts Technology was established in the frame of Department of Textile, Pulp and Paper and the study module Graphic Arts Technology was opened. This study module was the first university level course on graphic arts technology on the territory of Czechoslovakia. Lubomir Lapčík, PhD was appointed the first Head of the Section. He essentially contributed to the establishment of the Section and took care for its continual development. During the years the structure of the Graphic Arts Technology study module and of the Section have changed and the Department of Graphic Arts Technology and Applied Photochemistry was established in the year 1991. Prof. Lubomir Lapčík was appointed the first Head of the Department. He served till 1992. From 1993 the Head of the Department is Michal Čeppan, PhD, associate professor.