Home cooperation

Research Institute for Man-Made Fibres, Svit
The places of work of the VÚCHV, a.s. provide for evaluation and technological verification of the usage of polymers, colour pigments, dyestuffs, additives and modifiers for synthetic fibres, pigment masterbatches and finishing systems for synthetic fibres.
Research Institute for Textile Chemistry in Žilina
research and development of shaped automobile carpets, textile auxiliaries, textile finishing technologies, development of testing methods, standards and testing equipment.
Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences
The scientific program of the Institute is centred on the synthesis of polymeric materials and on the studies of the relationship between the structure and properties of macromolecular compounds.
Nylstar, a.s., Rhodia, Industrial yarns
Rhodia is a global specialty chemicals manufacturer organized around eight Enterprises. It holds leadership positions in key technologies in applications chemistry, with surfactants, polymers, high-performance silicas and rare earth-based specialties; in specialty materials and services, with adipic acid, polyamide engineering plastics and sulfuric acid regeneration; and in fine chemicals, with pharmaceutical active ingredients and ingredients for flavors and fragrances.
Slovenský hodváb, a.s., Senica
Chemical yarns symbolise Slovenský Hodváb. The beginning of the yarns production goes back to 1920. Companies reside in the city Senica.
Chemosvit Chem, a.s., Svit
Chemosvit was founded in 1934 on a green field site and today it is a modern, competitive firm with the tradition of Bata´s principles, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements and demands of our customers.
Merina a.s., Trenčín
exchange information and material for provide laboratory practice.
Istrochem a.s., Bratislava
modification of PP fibers

International cooperation

Chemical Fibre Institute, Lodž, Požsko
together-organisation central european conference
Faculty of Chemical Technology, Pardubice, Institute of Polymeric MaterialsČR
exchange educational programs and know-how
Technical universitz of Liberec, ČR
CEEPUS and evenness of fibres from poinz of view their structure and geometery
CNR Arco Felice, Neapol, Italy
synthesis polymers and their modification
University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor, Slovenia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Chorvátsko
international network of workstation for creation uniform credit system on universites with textile embracing