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    Institute of Polymer Materials
    Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
    Slovak University of Technology
    Radlinského 9
    812 37 Bratislava

    Tel.: +421 2-5296 8598

Where we are ...

    old building, lift B, 3-rd floor


Department of Fibre and Textile Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak University of Technology is the unique one in Slovak Republic which provides the education and research in fibre and textile chemistry and technology.
Educational process in this field started at Faculty of Chemistry, Slovak Technical College (SVŠT) in the school year 1951-52. Department in today s structure was established in 1991 by joining the divisions of Chemical Fibres and Textile Chemistry. Its formation was a result of gradual profile development during 60 years history of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. From its establishment until today the specialisation of Fibre and Textile chemistry has remained and important pedagogical and scientific centre in our country.
In the school year 1965/66 the independent Department of Chemical Fibres from the original division was created. Prof. Alexander Pikler was appointed head of the newly formed department. At the same time another division of Textile Materials was parallely established within the Department textile, pulp and paper by Prof. Anton Blažej, head of department.
After 1970 Department of chemical fibres was integrated as division into new Department of Chemical Technology of Plastic Materials and Fibres, with Prof. J. Beniska, head of Department and Prof. A. Pikler, later Prof. M. Jambrich as head of Fibre Division.
In the school year 1991/92 both division, the Chemical Fibres and Textile Materials started to function as a joined unit The Department of Fibre and Textile Chemistry whit orientation to fibre-forming polymers, natural and chemical fibres, science and technology as well as textile chemistry and technology.