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Scientific research

The Faculty has a widely oriented programme, leading to the development of basic scientific fields in chemistry, chemical technology and food processing. This wide scientific orientation of Departments at the Faculty allows goal-oriented training of undergraduates and thereby their quicker transition to industry. There are several scientific schools at the Faculty which are successful at winning grants from domestic and international sources and at organising scientific meetings. The Faculty generally maintains an important international position. In addition to basic research, the Faculty participates in widely applied research for practice. The cooperation with many factories and companies allows for a swift application of research results in practice. At the same time the Faculty obtains considerable financial support.

The Faculty participates in issuing the specialized scientific journals: Fibres and Textile, Plastics and Rubber, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Biology, Folia Microbiologica, Vinohrad/Víno (Vineyard/Wine).

The scope and quality of the scientific activity keep the Faculty at a level, which is comparable with other top research and university centres in the world. This can be proved by the above mentioned number of grants, staff invitations to participate in conferences abroad, wide cooperation with foreign universities and institutions, and memberships in international organizations.

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